Ship Name: CAS Nobility

Allegiance: Confederate Alliance

Registry: CC-7787

Class: Conciliator Class

Type: Heavy Cruiser

Home Port: Armstrong Station Sol System L-5 Libration Point

Captain: Eric Cern

Commissioned: July, 2732

Offensive Armament: Class 5 Pulse Particle Weapons

Defensive Armament: Class 3 Beam Particle Weapons

Special Armament: Classified

Description: The most powerful ship of the Confederate Alliance Naval Services, the Nobility is a heavy cruiser primarily used to defend shipping lanes and outlying colonies. With a famous Captain and the subject of multiple publicity campaigns since its inception- the Nobility is one of the most famous ships in Earthdom, it was the obvious choice when the C.A. decided to create a documentary to show humanity the value of the Confederate Alliance during a time when the C.A. is struggling to maintain legitimacy.