Eujin History and Politics:

In the late 24th century the Eujin people started from a group of three scientists known collectively as the Triumvirate. These scientist’s specialties were sociology, economics, and genetics. They came to the conclusion that for humanity to reach its full potential (and to survive the potential dangers of the universe) we needed to reach the next stage of evolution. In short they believed that mankind needed to make the step from homo-sapien to homo-evolutis. While they decided against drastic technological or genetic alterations, they did endorse a series of policies to promote control of human evolution through selective breeding, challenging living environments, and mild genetic and technological enhancements (i.e. to cure diseases or replace limbs lost due to accidents).

Needless to say, their work was unpopular among most people. In fact many were downright hostile as they believed it to be akin to the racism found in the American South East or Nazi Germany. However, the Triumvirate was able to garner a small but loyal following. In the beginning of the 25th century, they selected a group of 500 of their followers as the “cream of humanity” and launched into unknown space intent to find the perfect proving ground for their new humanity.

After 50 years of searching, the Eujin people stumble across a small brown dwarf star with no planets. The ruling Triumvirate, hand picked by the individuals from the original Triumvirate to replace them, chose this as the ultimate proving ground. By harnessing energy from their dim failed star and mining surrounding asteroids for materials, the Eujins create space-station homes for themselves. At first they used the systems of the generational ship to refine metals, fabricate food dispensers, etc. However, they eventually learned to replicate the fabrication technology and their culture grew at a breakneck pace. A century after arriving at their new home they even begin to build a Dyson sphere around their adopted star. In the present timeline of the story, 150 years after initial work began on the Dyson sphere, it is still under construction but is the wonder of Earthdom. The equivalent of the Egyptians being at the beginning stages of building the great pyramids.

70 years before the present timeline, the Eujin people are rediscovered by an errant exploratory vessel searching for new mining interests. Realizing the opportunity to include potentially beneficial genetic diversity into their makeup as well as saving the whole of humanity from eventual obsolescence, they decide to re-engage with humanity. By the present timeline they’ve developed quite a large following on Earth and throughout her colonies, especially in certain countries. However, their evangelical and sometimes militaristic demeanor makes many, especially officials in the Confederate Alliance, nervous.

Eujin Government:

Inception: 2530

The Eujin people were forged from a small following surrounding a group of three scientists, known as the Triumvirate, who believed in Eugenics as a means to push humanity to the next stage of evolution. Upon facing hostility from the wider human population who were unable to differentiate the Triumvirate’s teachings from those that caused so much pain and suffering in the 20th Century, they left Earth to found their own society. This evolved into the founding of the Eujin Triumvirate, named for the ruling council founded by the original Triumvirate. The Eujin Triumvirate is a form of Oligarchy – not the type of liberal democracy that was popularized during the 18th,19th, and 20th centuries.

Triumvirate and Council Scientia

The Legislature of the Eujin Triumvirate is a council of 3 scientists most often picked from the same branches of science as the original Triumvirate (sociology, genetics, and economics). They are elected to power by the Council Scientia, a group of scientists much like the old French Estates General. Each branch of science sends representatives to the Council Scientia. Each delegation from the various branches of science comes to an agreement and then lists their top three candidates for the Triumvirate. With the top position being weighted heavier than the second and third position, the second position being weighted heavier than the third position, and the third position being the least weighted. More clearly stated, when a branch of science votes a person in the top position, it would be as if that position got 10 votes. Additionally, the second position would be as if they got 5 votes, and the third position would be the equivalent of 2 votes. The candidates with the top three number of votes are selected as the new Triumvirate.

This process occurs every 25 years.

The make-up and voting rules of each branch of science is left almost entirely to the individual branches, though certain minimum guidelines are dictated by the Triumvirate.


Despite the efforts of the original Triumvirate, the Eujin people have become fractured among various numbers of sects with each sect believing in its own version of what the original Triumvirate intended to accomplish and its own interpretation of the Eujin cause. This fracturing has led to some sects being more widely accepted while others are marginalized. Several of these marginalized sects, most notably the sect commonly referred to as “Ronin”, have become radicalized due to this marginalization.

Though each individual self-identifies as one sect or another, different sects are more prevalent in certain branches of science with various branches allying in the Council Scientia according to sect. This has enabled the sociological, genetic, and economic branches to forge alliances with other branches to maintain a stranglehold on the Triumvirate over the generations.

Other Cultures:

The Eujin people are not the only new race of beings to crop up over the past 700 years. As humanity has spread amongst the stars, it became exposed to new environments and new biospheres forcing new changes in humanity. Some colonies don’t survive the changes but the ones that do are gifted with some remarkable abilities. Some, like the Methusalan culture are gifted with incredibly long life spans. Others, like the Esocrips, have the ability to appear as anyone they want. The potential for humanity to grow is incredible and “Nobility” will explore every facet of human potential.