The Crew of the C.A.S. Nobility

Eric Cern

Origin: Earth

Descent: Persian

Rank: Captain

Why Are They There:

Eric Cern was a strong willed, idealistic man who entered the Confederate Alliance Navy with ambition powered by the belief in the potential of a unified humanity. However, after achieving the rank of Captain, he quickly began to learn that, while the Confederate Alliance has lofty goals, its incompetence and corruption at the highest levels prevent it from being an effective government – especially with national and regional governments constantly working to undermine the CAS’ s efficacy.

Resigned to doing the best he can to adhere to his ideals in this difficult atmosphere, the Captain quickly made a name for himself as a competent diplomat and skilled battle tactician. However, after suffering a personal tragedy, Captain Cern quickly fell into apathy and depression – seeking to escape himself in any way possible.

Now, the Captain spends most of his time shirking responsibility, chasing skirts, and playing video games – a disposition that makes the outcome of the documentary, currently being of the Nobility, dubious.

Years On The Ship: 3 years

Education/Training: Confederate Alliance Naval Service Academy. He graduated Suma Cum Laude with a degree in Sociology and Strategic Operations.

Sirius Halud

Origin: Eujin Union

Descent: British members of the original Eujin Exploratory Expedition

Rank: First Lieutenant

Why Are They There:

Sirius Halud is a grim but not entirely humorless person who has dedicated his life to the Eujin cause – the betterment of mankind through pushing himself and those around him to greater heights. His near single-minded focus on this goal of guided human evolution has led him to earn great praise from his superiors. This, combined with his desire to show the rest of humanity the potential that could be reached by believing in the Eujin cause, led him to make the surprising decision to join the Confederate Alliance Naval Services. In his mind, what better way was there to show Earthdom what humanity could be than through the organization theoretically made up of the best of mankind? His education in the War College of the Eujin Defense Forces allowed him to skip most training as well as fulfilling the requirement of attending the Confederate Alliance Naval Service Academy. Able to be posted immediately to a highly sought after position on the C.A.S. Nobility, Sirius was in for quite a shock when he saw that the best of humanity was not all it’s cracked up to be. Dismayed at the misfit nature of the Nobility’s crew and questioning nearly every life decision he’s made over the past several years, Sirius is flung into a state of existential torment that will lead him to rediscover who and what he is.

Position: Weapons and Eujin Liaison Officer

Years On The Ship: Recently Posted

Education/Training: Graduate of the Eujin Defense Force War College. Versed in tactical thinking as well as ship based and small arms weaponry. Also versed in hand to hand combat and bladed weaponry.

Bob “Taka” Takashima

Origin: Martian Colonial Republic

Descent: Japanese

Rank: First Lieutenant

Why Are They There:

Being the son of a career military officer, Bob “Taka” Takashima had a strict upbringing. This led him to, despite his effeminate demeanor, attempt to exude a very “macho” character often turning things overtly sexual and frequently attempting to indulge Captain Cern in “talk about the women-folk.” This clashes greatly with his more domestic pastimes. He’s also been instilled with a love for old-Earth westerns and cowboys “because they’re so manly.” In an effort to impress his father, he joined the Confederate Alliance Naval Services and, because of his skill as a pilot, he rapidly rose through the ranks to become Chief Navigator of the flagship C.A.S. Nobility. The “love him or hate him” type, many of the crew love his kind and open spirit while others find his energetic ramblings and off-color humor to be annoying. Though obviously gay, he refuses to accept it and insists that he’s straight.

Position: Navigator/Pilot.

Years On The Ship: 2 years

Education/Training: Civilian education in Superluminal Mechanics.

Eugenia Pikeman

Origin: Titan Colony

Descent: American

Rank: Commander

Why Are They There:

After raising her siblings and protecting them from an abusive, drug addicted father, Pikeman found herself at a crossroads. Having spent her life thus far caring for and protecting others, she felt it natural that she join the Confederate Alliance Military Services – even if it was at a later time in life than most. Though her experiences with her father have left her emotionally distant, she shows she cares through her stern attitude toward her crew. This also leads her to pick up much of the slack for the Captain. She’s aware of his loss and instinctively protects him – even if she is a tad resentful and hard-nosed about it.

Position: First Officer

Years On The Ship: 2.5 years

Education/Training: Civilian Degree in Literature. Trained in logistics and command at Officer Candidate School.

Frank Mooney

Origin: Earth

Descent: Pacific Northwest United States

Rank: Commander

Why Are They There:

Having grown up on an isolated island in Puget Sound, Frank Mooney was raised on the classic space operas of 20th and 21st century which have, by the 28th century, become akin to Classical Greek myths. They are the mythology underneath modern Western culture. Because of this, he grew fond of space travel and looked to it as a way to get out of his sleepy, one-horse hometown. So, at the age of 18, he enlisted in the Confederate Alliance Naval Services. Dreaming of one day being captain of a starship, he used his brilliance in the engine room to rise through the ranks, planning to one day transfer to command.
However, he found his career stalled once he achieved the rank of Chief Engineer. Being such a hard working and incredible engineer, he found that no commanding officer was willing to give him the chance to move beyond the engine room. His dreams crushed, Mooney began self-medicating with alcohol in order to cope. By the time the documentary begins filming, Mooney has been stuck in the engine room for over 20 years and has given up on ever becoming more than he is. He rarely interacts – or even speaks with – his shipmates, but he does occasionally get some perverse pleasure out of intimidating the crew. Though, through all this, his professional pride keeps him pushing along as one of the most brilliant engineers in the Confederate Alliance Naval Services.

Position: Chief Engineer

Years On The Ship: 5 – since maiden voyage.

Education/Training: After receiving basic training to be a low-level mechanic as an enlisted man, Mooney taught himself what he needed to know in order to qualify for higher and higher ranks until he achieved the rank of Commander, performing the duties of a chief engineer on several starships before being transferred to the Nobility.

Doctor Havel Allard

Origin: Whitehorse, Canada

Why Are They There:

A deeply emotional man, Doctor Allard is the ship’s psychiatrist. Having grown up in an orphanage, Dr. Allard learned at an early age to isolate himself to protect his fragile soul. Being emotionally cut off, Dr. Allard struggles to understand and empathize with his patients – whom he honestly and passionately wishes to help. This leads him to often come across as fake and even creepy at times with awkward stares, fake smiles, and a disturbingly soft monotone when he speaks. Having joined the Navy to pay for his education, Dr. Allard decided to become a career officer because the camaraderie he felt with his shipmates gave him the sense of community he’d always lacked growing up – even if the affection was one way.

Position: Psychiatrist

Years On The Ship: 2 Years

Education/Training: Civilian Education in Psychiatry