ACT Today!

A special announcement from NOBILITY’s Creator, E.J. De la Pena:

Those of us who adore Sci-fi are used to being seen in a different light. Whether it’s some innate aspect of our nature or the constant input of mind-expanding ideas we get from the fantastical narratives we choose to exist in, we can often be seen as odd, or weird, or… different. And if we can be made to feel that way, imagine what it must be like to be truly different?

But beyond that, imagine how marvelous it must be to see the world in a different light? To make connections that others never will – and to behold beauty only you will know.

That is why Cowboy Errant and her project, NOBILITY, are proud to announce our partnership with ACT Today!, an organization dedicated toward supporting those on the Autism Spectrum showing the world that they are not special needs but, in fact, special.

So please, PLEDGE TODAY in the amount of $5.27 to let this incredible organization know that you and your fellow Nobilites support those learning to thrive in being different.


I don’t know about you, but when I think of those special people in my life, those of my family, friends, and friends that are family who live with this remarkable perspective, there’s one truth I am well aware of – that these may not be the heroes we’re looking for, but they are the ones we need.

E.J. De La Pena
President and Founder, Cowboy Errant
Executive Producer, Nobility

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